Electric Motors

Electric Motors

What Is an Ex-Proof Motor?


Ex-proof motors have been serving successfully for many years with their quality and safe technology responding to the needs of all industries e.g. from chemistry to pharmaceutics, from mine to alcohol and, primarily, energy sector. The electric motors of the Italian company CEMP, the leader in the production of ex-proof motors, are offered to all our customers in the Turkish market for nearly 20 years with a wide range of products (completely close fan, enhanced security, with/without terminal box, non-sparking, ex-proof type, cast iron and aluminum body).

Ex-proof motors which provide superior protection against all dangers as the basic principle, are also used for the applications needed by the fuel sector.

These motors, which are the products of the Italian company Cemp, are also used in our country to meet the operational needs of many industries through the knowledge and experience of 2A engineers. 

The ex-proof motors are suitable for use in hazardous environments containing explosive and flammable materials as they do not generate any sparks during operation. 


Areas of Usage:


  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Refineries
  • Thermal power stations
  • Mines
  • Oil pipelines
  • Gas pipelines
  • Ships
  • Production industry
  • Oil platforms
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Garbage collection and disposal plants
  • Custom built special applications


Ex-Proof Products:


  • Ex-proof motor for gassy and dusty environments
  • Motor with ex-proof brake
  • Motor with ex-proof inverter
  • Ex-proof motor for mines
  • Ex-proof motor for fume extraction
  • Ex-proof motors for special applications

Our ex-proof motors are ATEX, CE, IECEx certified.