Series AM for mines

Series AM for mines

Series AM for mines
  •  To norms IEC 60079-0, 1, 7 
  •  Ex d, Ex de 
  •  ATEX category 1M2 
  •  Group I (mine) 
  •  Protection IP55, IP65, IP66 
  •  To norms IEC 60034-1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 30, 60072 
  •  Frame size from 63 to 355 (IEC) 
  •  Power from 0.12 to 375 kW 
  •  Three phase 1 or 2 speed 
  •  400V, 50 Hz · Pole 2, 4, 6, 8 
  • Ventilated & with forced ventilation 
  •  Available IE2, IE3 
  •  Available Atex, IECEx

Series AM for mines

  1. General informations

The motors offered in this category comply with standards concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, in compliance with European Direct

n. 94/9/CE del 23/3/94, known as the ATEX directive.


The ATEX directive states that two different certificates of conformity are to be issued. One is the “EC-Type examination certificate” for the homologation of the prototype and the other is for the “Production Quality Assurance Notification”.

The certificates are issued by CESI in Milan, Notified Body no.0722.


The motor in the ATEX series for mines come under group I Category M2


They are intended for use below ground and surface areas of mines where firedamp or combustible powder can be found.

This equipment is meant to be de-energised in an explosive atmosphere.


  1. Main Characteristics
  • Explosion-proof motors according to European Standard CENELEC EN 50 014, EN 50 018 and EN 50 019 (for terminal box EEx-de) European Standard are acknowlegled and adopted by the member countries of CENELEC  (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardiation) and accepted by almost all countries worldwide.
  • Squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motors.
  • Totally enclosed, IP55 frame with IP65 terminal box.
  • Mounting options B3, B5, B35, B14, B34
  • Power supply 400V/ 50Hz
  • Class F insulaion
  • Noise level within 80 dB(A).
  • Terminal box:
  • Available both in a flameproof or increased safety version
  • Large size
  • Position-top
  • Rotate by 90° in positions.
  • Motor frame and terminal box enclosure separated to avoid the transmission of explosions.
  • Winding cables connected to the terminal board by means of terminal blocks or by a flameproof sealing device.
  • High protection aganist corrosion: inside and outside surfaces poly-esther powder painting (minimum thickness 150 µm)
    • Stainless steel namelate
    • Anticorrosion plated fastaners.
  • Highly resistant to impact:
    • Frame, terminal box and cast iron endshields.
    • Special fan cover in sheet steel with rear grid protection.
  • Low friction dust seals.
  • The conformity certificates also cover alternatives, such as:
  • Modification of the rated voltage and rated frequency
  • Power supply from an inverter.
  • Motor protection through temperature detectors.
  • Duty S1 to S9


  1. Main options


Electrical variants

  • Non-standard voltages and frequencies (maksimum voltages 1050 V).
  • Motors for tropical cilimates.
  • Temperature rise below 80K.
  • Motors insulated to class H.
  • Motors with bimetallic detector, thermistor PTC or thermistor PT100.
  • Motors with anti-condensation heaters.
  • Motor with special electrical design.


Mechanical variants

  • Special flanges and shaft.
  • Double ended shaft.
  • Cable gland fitted to terminal box.
  • Terminal box with special cable entries.
  • Motor protection IP56 – IP65 – IP66
  • Motor with special bearings (with sensors, insulated, oversized)
  • Seperate terminal box for auxiliary terminal
  • Motor suitable for frequency inverter drive
  • Motor with forced ventilation (from frame size 90)


  1. Bearing system

Standard motors are equipped with radial deep groove ball bearings (ZZ pre-greased series) or open bearings complete with grease nipples. Where requested roller, or other special bearings can be fitted.


  • Lubrication

The ZZ series bearings are lubricated for life and require no further lubrication. Open bearings are supplied with grease nipples and are to be lubricated according to the indications


  • Bearing Seal

In order to prevent dust and water penetration, a seal ring is fitted to the endshield on the driving and non-driving ends. These seal rings are highly resistant to vibrations, thermally stable, and resistant to mineral oils and diluted acids. Seals for media available on request.


  1. Position of terminal box and terminals

The terminal box is usually located on top and can be turned through 4 x 90°. For a horizontal mounted motor, the cable entry is normally located on the right side.