2A Engineering CNG dispensers are commended all over the world for their design, safety and reliability. CNG dispensers allow the transfer of compressed natural gas to vehicles.

2A Engineering CNG dispensers, with their compact and technological structure, provide solutions to meet all the needs of the users.

2A Engineering CNG dispensers comprising NGV1 and NGV2 filling heads are manufactured suitable for the fueling of passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles and they are the first products with ATEX and CNG type approvals in Turkey.

Our CNG dispensers are manufactured using quality components with over 40 years of experience in this industry.


Effective Design and Powerful Posture      


2A Engineering CNG Dispensers are manufactured in compliance with the world standards and with long years of experience according to the needs of our customers . Products designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers add value to the national economy.

CNG dispensers, which are the result of a blend of aesthetic lines and modern technology, are accepted by all the countries in the world as the best in the sector by taking strong steps for becoming the common choice of all users. CNG dispensers offer the possibility of working at -20° C to + 85° C ambient temperature and 120 VAC to 400 VAC power; thanks to this feature, they operate trouble free under all conditions in the world.

As a matter of the state-of-the-art technology, they have their own communication protocols and are compatible with all devices.

Thanks to the remote-control system that enables full control over the entire system, all transactions can be monitored and controlled remotely.

They meet all the needs of the customer with their optional color schemes and stainless body and continue to show its strong and powerful posture at all stations for many years.

Furthermore, they provide fast and reliable shopping opportunity with all payment systems by way of their plug-and-play POS device connections.


Advantages of CNG Dispensers


It enables operation in a wide voltage range from 120 VAC to 400 VAC without any additional power regulator and UPS requirement.

By way of its independent electronic system, it takes malfunctioning fueling nozzle out of use and enables the sale to continue from the other side.

In the heavy vehicle fueling models (NGV2), many new generation applications such as automatic grounding, fueling pressure monitoring and emergency shutdown, heat monitoring and shutdown systems are offered as optional features.

100% CNG compliant and certified hose, coupling and nozzle sets comply with the European standards.

It is possible to select and use the filling nozzle in different types and models.

For more information about CNG, you can contact us via our website.