Electrical variants

Electrical variants

Electrical variants
  • Special voltage and frequency
  • Bimetallic thermal protection (NC, NO), thermistor (PTC), platinum resistor (PT100)
  • Single-phase with permanent capacitor
  • Single-phase with centrifugal switch

Electrical Variants

• Non-standard voltages and frequencies (maximum voltage 1000V).

• Motors for tropical climates.

• Motors for low temperatures (-50/-60°C)

• Temperature rise below 80K.

• Motors insulated to class H.

• Motors with bimetallic detector, thermistor PTC or thermistor PT100.

• Motors with anti-condensation heaters.

• Motors with special electrical design.

• Single-phase motors with capacitor fitted in a large-size terminal box (Ex d, max 50 μF).

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