Mechanical variants

Mechanical variants

Mechanical variants
  • Protection IP56, IP65, IP66
  • Special flanges and shafts
  • Without terminal box (loose leads)
  • Terminal box on side
  • Uni-directional bearings, locked bearings or special bearings
  • SPM probe (vibrations measurement)
  • Heaters 

Mechanical variants


• Special flanges and shafts.

• Double ended shafts.

• Cable gland fitted to terminal box.

• Terminal box with special cable entries.

• Motors without terminal box with sealing joints and conduits.

• Motors protection IP56 - IP65 - IP66.

• Motors with condensation drainage valves.

• Motors with special bearings (uni-directional, with sensors, with rollers, insulated, oversized, thrust bearings).

• Vibration level Grade A or B, according to IEC 60034-14.

• Motors with a rain cap or sun shield, water-shedding disc.

• Side terminal box frame size 160 to 355 (from a height of 132 for IE3).

• Separate terminal box for auxiliary terminals.

• Low noise emission version.

• High protection against corrosion for tropical climates or applications in marine environments:

- external mechanical components finished with epoxy paint;

- protection of the internal parts (winding and rotor) with protective paint;

- stainless steel screws.

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