Italian origin POMPETRAVAINI branded pumps with a wide product range,distributed by 2A MÜHENDİSLİK in Turkey, are safely offered to use of the all sector customers, by taking into account customer demands and technical features. Pompetravaini was founded in 1929 in Legnano, Italy. It is an international company that has an annual production capacity of 30.000 pumps for all fluid types, especially centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps and vacuum sets, and exports to more than 80 countries with its 90 years of experience.

Pompetravaini made another innovation in 2002, moved to computer – controlled stock and production area. Thus, with production orders, products are produced by fully automated robots and the margin of error in production is zeroed.
As 2A Mühendislik, we continue to support to our customers from all over Turkey with our wide service network that can easily be reached in assembly and service.


Vacuum Pumps


When we look at the history of vacuum pumps, we observe that it is an invention from ancient times. The vacuum pumps which is frequently used in the industrial sector, was procued for the first time in the 1650s.


Working Principle of Vacuum Pumps


The vacuum pump needs an electric power to generate the negative pressure. The vacuum pump is also used in vehicles to perform some functions and operate the systems smoothly. In some cases, if the vacuum needs to be stored, the vacuum accumulator is used as well.

A vacuum is an enclosed space where the gas pressure is much less than atmospheric pressure. The force of the moving gas molecules hits the walls of the enclosed space, thereby creating pressure.
A mechanism that inside the pump enlarges a small cavity to reduce the pressure than the atmosphere pressure, thus transferring a little liquid from the vacuum pump chamber to the small cavity of the pump. Vacuum pump expels the sucked gas from delivery port.
The air-fluid mixture is delivered to a cylindrical tank where seperation takes place; The gas exits the tank’s top distribution port and is ready to be resent to the vacuum pump. During the suction and compression cycle, the vacuum pump transfers all the work performed to the service fluid. This is cooled by a heat exchanger before being recycled.


Working Principle of Vacuum Pumps


Usage areas of vacuum pumps in the industry;
• Food industry vacuum pump usage
• Chemical industry vacuum pump usage
• Plastic industry vacuum pump usage
• Textile industry vacuum pump usage
• Other vacuum pump usage


Food Industry Vacuum Pump Usage


• Industrial factories producing vegetable oil
• Industrial factories producing milk, yoghurt and fruit juice
• Halva, jam and confectionery production
• In the extraction of vapour in companies producing pasta, tomato paste, canned products
• Poultry industry
• Agribusinesses (flour, starch etc.)


Chemical Industry Vacuum Pump Usage


• Factories producing detergents
• Gases and vapours arising from the use of chemicals


Plastic Industry Vacuum Pump Usage


• Forming with vacuum in plastic industry
• In the production of plastic pipes and profiles
• Covering the cables with plastic


Textile Industry Vacuum Pump Usage


• Yarn and raw fabric
• In washing and drying of textile products
• In dyeing of textile products


Other Sectors Vacuum Pump Usage


• In impregnation processes in the forest industry
• In drawing of the ground water up to centrifugal pumps
• Lifting and transport with vacuum
• In the vacuum of turbine condensates in power plants.
• Vacuum filters in the mining industry
• Drying of the paper and the paint pulp with vacuum
• Our products are used in many sectors that we have not included here