Station Equipment

Station Equipment

Station Equipment


The station equipment produced as a result of the intensive R&D work of 2A engineers are ATEX, OIML and CE certified and they are valid all over the world.

Hydraulic and electronic components, which are among the most important features of forecourt equipment, are designed and manufactured by 2A Engineers.

Hydraulic and electronic groups that make up LPG dispensers are manufactured with LEGO logic and designed to add additions according to the increasing needs of the customer. Because of this feature, maintenance and repair activities are performed quickly, easily and at low cost.

You can choose the quality of the frame material and the color of the dispenser you intend to buy; you can even design the equipment with the most suitable model and color for your station.

The dual electronic system and the fueling nozzles used in 2A dispensers operate independently of one another. So, you can continue to fuel from other nozzles if there is a problem on one side of your dispenser.

With its confidence in its products, 2A Engineering guarantees the use of two million liters as a first in mechanical systems. The electronic systems are guaranteed to work trouble free within the range of 120 VAC - 275 VAC. The upper working limit 275 VAC can be increased up to 400 VAC upon customer request.

Dispensers designed and manufactured by 2A engineers are compatible with cash registers and all automation systems everywhere in the world with their powerful software.

Turnkey mobile filling stations (SKID Systems) are designed and manufactured by 2A Engineering engineers with the experience of over 40 years in the industry.

LPG dispensers customized specifically for the skid system guarantee fast and easy fueling. 2A Engineering customizes the designs according to country and field conditions especially for export skid systems and ensures that the product works 100% in compliance with the country’s conditions to be sent.

An important consideration in skid system designs is the production of special products to minimize the transportation costs.

In the skid system, the canopy, sunroof, sprinkler, gas leakage detection systems and Ex-Proof electrical control panels are optional features.

Skid system dispensers can deliver fuel on kilogram and liter basis and are suitable for vehicle fueling and cylinder filling.