As being the Distributor for Turkey of the Italian company Cubogas, the supplier of a wide range of products, 2A Engineering supplies their compressors and CNG equipment to its customers by taking into account their demands, product specifications and safety requirements.

Cubogas is one of the first companies to design vertical CNG compressors in 1929 to fill CNG for heavy vehicles.

In 1931, under the brand Nuovo Pignone, they introduced a compressor of 100 bar max. pressure for passenger vehicles, then in 1939 introduced a compressor with 250 bar max. pressure for heavy vehicles for the first time in the sector.

Our compressors, branded as Cubogas after the 1950s, are being used in more than 3000 CNG stations in many parts of the world for more than 90 years.


  • Cubogas compressors run at lower speeds providing higher safety and lower maintenance costs.
  • The vertical piston system doesn’t let the oil to the vehicles from the oil sump during fueling, so it prevents mechanical failures that may occur in the vehicles.
  • With the long piston system and water-cooling system used in each piston stage extends the service life of the compressor valve, piston seals and oil scraper seals and reduce the maintenance costs.
  • Compressor shaft and connecting rods are lubricated by way of pressurized oil system. This minimizes friction-related problems in moving parts.
  • Thanks to the balance shafts designed together with the mechanical system of the compressor, it remains always in proper balance.
  • The high pressure in the sump is transferred to the storage tanks after fueling. In this way, the compressor body is relieved from pressure and has a long service life.
  • Compressors designed in standard containers reduce the transportation costs by 40%.
  • Remotely accessed PLC control panel provides remote intervention in case of possible faults.
  • Thanks to the active fault detection system in the electronic control unit, possible problems are detected and displayed on its digital display, thus reducing the fault detection and troubleshooting durations.
  • The compressors are designed to operate in every region of the world and they can operate between -30° C and +50° C ambient temperatures.
  • It is the first and only compressor in the world that solves the increasing capacity needs of the customer by adding additional stages thanks to its modular structure.
  • Certified storage systems produced in conformity with the European standards increase the safety of fueling with safety valves.
  • It runs very quiet with its special frame design that can provide a sound insulation up to 70 decibels.
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