As being the Distributor for Turkey of the Italian company POMPETRAVAINI, the supplier of a wide range of products, 2A Engineering supplies their pumps manufactured in conformity with the international standards to its customers by taking into account their demands.

POMPETRAVAINI was founded in 1929 in Legnano, Italy. It is an international group which has an annual production capacity of 30.000 pumps including centrifugal, vacuum pump and vacuum sets for all types of fluids and exports to more than 80 countries with nearly 90 years of experience.

In 2002, Pompetravaini entered another innovation and moved to computer-controlled stock and production area. Thus, with the production orders entered at the beginning of the week, the products are produced by fully automated robots and the production error ratio is zero.


As 2A Engineering, with our extensive service network all over Turkey which our customers can easily reach, we continue to provide fast service in the installations and other services.


Address for reliable LPG Pumps; 2A Engineering

POMPETRAVAINI pumps have always been the ideal address to solve the pumping problem of many types of fluids. POMPETRAVAINI meets all technical requirements of many different industries, especially fuel, chemistry and food with excellent quality.

2A Engineering offers engineering solutions to its customers with more than 30 years of industry experience.


 Advantages of POMPETRAVAINI Pumps


  • A wide range of products up to 30 m3/h capacity.
  • Powerful new generation mechanical seal system with special manufacture.
  • Wide service network.
  • Fan and shaft system which can be used in different models and types according to the type of fluid.
  • It runs with minimum cavitation at low NPSH value. This extends the life of the pump.
  • It enables energy saving by working with smaller motors due to low friction coefficient and extends pump life.
  • It provides easy and fast maintenance and repair with its technological structure.

 All pumps are offered to our customers with a 2-year guarantee by 2A Engineering.