TBA 318/2-R/GP

TBA 318/2-R/GP

TBA 318/2-R/GP
TBA 318/2-R/GP
TBA 318/2-R/GP

These pumps are obtained from TBH series with an additional centrifugal part in suction. TBA-type pumps have a very low NPSH requirement. This design is especially suitable to process liquids as well as liquefied gases such as LPG. TBA series has a characteristic function and performance design like TBH series. Separate spare part storage for both series is not needed since pump parts are exchangeable.

Technical Specifications

Pump is made of repairable materials for any pump repair requirement.

TBA 318 pump capacity is 120 lt/minute at 16 bar.

Pump can suck from minimum – 3.5 meters (negative level).

4 kw 1500 rpm II 2 G, EEX-D, IP 55,T 4, Cl.F , 400 V, 50 Hz, B3, Italian CEMP Ex-proof engine coupled.

Max. operating pressure is 17.5 bar. Test pressure is 40 bars.

Operating temperature range is from -30°C to +140°C.

It is ideal for liquids with low suction pressure with its low NPSH values.

Working Conditions

Maximum performance is guaranteed with less vibration and noise due to low operating speed of pumps. In addition, balanced impeller system used in the pump reduces the loads on pump roll. Therefore, roll and pump’s life is increased and maintenance costs are reduced.

DIN 24960 Cartridge type mechanic gasket is used in this compact design.

It can comfortably feed two 2 nozzle dispenser simultaneously or a single dispenser with 4 nozzles.