About Us
About Us

2A Engineering

In the Alternative Fuel Sector since 1995, it has been serving a wide range of areas with the experience acquired in many years, for the establishment of turnkey complex plants where all kinds of materials and equipments are manufactured or imported since the project stage.

2A Engineering´s actions are based on customer satisfaction with the products and equipment that has imported or manufactured, and has a reliable and respectable reputation abroad.

Our Vision

To be a "worldwide brand" in the market of alternative fuel for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles by 2020 with a commitment with "Continuous Quality", "Reasonable Prices", "Mutual Trust", and "Honesty"

Quality Policy

LPG has been in Turkey since 1995, and 2a ENGINEERING has been leader in CNG Engineering. We continue our pioneering and innovative role with the knowledge and experience we accumulated during this period. 2A ENGINEERING´s management staff and employees follow our values ​​in accordance with the slogan "Quality is determined by time"

Our Values
  • Customer Satisfaction :

    To obtain the trust and loyalty from our customers based on customer satisfaction with our superior product and service quality.

  • Customer Relationships :

    To evaluate and resolve any kind of feedback such as requests, suggestions and complaints reflected in the customer relations in a timely and effective manner.

  • Environmental Friendly: :

    To fulfil our responsibility with the world we live in with our environmental friendly products.

  • Environment Friendly :

    To fulfill our responsibility to the world we live with our environmentally friendly products.

  • Continuous Improvement: :

    To continuously improve our products, services and processes quality to achieve excellence.

    I promise that all 2A ENGINEERING´s employees will follow the above principles.

     Kadir ÖRÜCÜ

    General Manager


I promise that all 2A ENGINEERING employees will follow the above principles.

 Kadir ÖRÜCÜ

General Manager