About Us
About Us

2A Engineering

2A Engineering has been operating in the alternative fuel sector since 1995. With its extensive experience in the sector, it offers a wide range of services from the import and export of all kinds of materials and equipment necessary at the project phase to the establishment of complete facilities via turn-key model.

2A Engineering has always prioritized customer satisfaction in relation to the products and equipment imported and manufactured. With “Time Determines Quality” as its slogan, 2A Engineering has earned a reliable and respectable position abroad as well.

Our Vision

To be a “global brand” in the use of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas (CNG) alternative fuel products by 2025 with “Continuity in Quality”, “Affordable Price”, “Mutual Trust” and “Integrity” as our main philosophy.

Quality Policy

2A Engineering has been the leader company in the LPG and CNG Engineering field in Turkey since it was established in 1995. We continue to be the pioneer and innovative company in this sector thanks to the knowledge and experience we gathered during this period. As the management and employees of 2A Engineering, we adopt the following values in accordance with our slogan “Time Determines Quality”.

Our Values
  • Customer Satisfaction :

    To earn the trust and loyalty of our customers through superior product and service quality which are based on customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Relationships :

    To assess and resolve the feedback from the customers such as requests, suggestions and complaints effectively and in a timely.

  • Employee Satisfaction :

    To unite with our employees through their motivation, self-confidence and loyalty in a peaceful and safe work environment which prioritizes personnel safety and health.

  • Environment Friendly :

    To perform our duty to the world through our environment-friendly products.

  • Continuous Improvement :

    To improve our products, service quality and operational processes continuously in our pursuit for perfection.

  • Standartlara Bağlı ÜretimProduction Based on Standards :

    To produce products in accordance with standards such as MID, OIML, ATEX, TSE etc.


I hereby undertake that all 2A Engineering employees will comply with the principles above.