Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a framework, to be applied in course of collecting, storing, transmitting or
processing your personal data by 2A Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş (“2A” or us).
We care about your privacy and protection of your personal data. 2A will process your personal data in
compliance with the Data Protection Act No. 6698 (“DPA”), regulations based on DPA, rules adopted by
Personal Data Protection Commission (collectively “Regulations”) and in compliance with any other
applicable law.
Collecting Data
Following the access to 2A’s web site, depending on your activity the following informations may be
collected by 2A;
• Your Name, your identity information info such as your national identity number,
• is the provider of E- commerce proceedings. Your personal data is
collected and/or shared in the infrastructure of the provider to complete your payment
transactions. 2A reserves the right to change the provider at any time.
• Your IP address information,
• Your contact information,
• Your user activity information,
• Your process security information,
• Information’s regarding your Automobile related processes.
• Your preferences of marketing and communication including without limitation.
Any information, including your personal data, required to provide you with our services, may be
collected and processed in line with the purposes specified herein.
When you are sharing information about third parties (for example a family member of a customer), it is
your own responsibility to ensure:
• to inform relevant person about who is 2A and how their personal data are processed
• to provide us personal data of relevant person and to get permission for us to process them as
specified herein.
Use of Cookies
We use cookies to improve user experience. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, you can change
them from your browser settings. Please keep in mind that deleting or blocking cookies might affect your
user experience negatively. If don’t change your cookie settings, we will assume your implicit consent for
cookie use.
• What are cookies and how do they work?
Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on your computer or on your network server by
the websites you visit. For more detailed information on cookies you may visit: and web sites.
The primary reasons of the use of cookies on our web site are;
— to improve services that we provide by enhancing functionality and performance of our web site,
— to modify our web site and provide you new features and to customize provided features according to
your preferences.
— to ensure the safety of our web site, of you and of our company’s legal and commercial security.
Google Analytics, Php, Laravel, Mobil are used on our web site. Google AdWords is used to offer you
advertisements suited to your interests.
The cookies that we use for this purpose;
• collect information on users visit to the web site,
• decide which advertisement to be shown to which user and how often to show it.
• analyzes advertisements effect level and user reactions.
By this way, during your visit to our web site, we show you advertisements of products that might
interest you (by processing data collected during your visit to our web site). This could be on
advertisement panels that show up on Google search results and also on other web site. For example, if
you haven’t yet completed a purchase of a product that you show interest on our web site, you may see
the same products advertisement or our own advertisement on different web sites.
You could also learn from here how to disable this feature.
If you have consented to receive information from us by e- mail, we could use technologies such as pixel
tags and links that determine your interest levels and your use of direct marketing materials.
Purpose of Data Collection
2A, may process your personal data via web site for you to use the web site, to register as a member,
improve and develop services and to introduce new services, and to inform you about them, to contact
you and to provide you with services.
Your personal data mentioned could be used in 2A reporting and business development activities, to
make statistical analyses, for creating databases and could be used while conducting marketing surveys.
In addition, 2A could process and share your personal info with third parties without your consent, in the
presence of exceptional circumstances that are stated in relevant legislations and/or in accordance with
DPA article 5 and 8,
These exceptions are listed below:
• provided that they are stated explicitly by law
• provided that it is relevant to a person that can’t give their consent due to physical impossibility
or to protect the life or physical integrity of a person that can’t legally give their consent.
• provided that there is a contract between the related person and 2A or in case its essential to
process personal data to fulfill requirements that are born of the contract.
• provided that is essential to process personal data for 2A to fulfill requirements stated by law.
• Provided that the personal data has been opened to public by the relevant person itself.
• Provided that it is essential to process personal data to assign, exercise or protect a legal right.
• Provided that 2A is obliged to process personal data, only if it doesn’t infringe fundamental rights
and freedoms of the relevant person.
If it is required by law you will be further informed on why and for what purpose the data is collected
and on how we will use the collected data. Your data can be processed by business partners that 2A has
a contract with and who are subjected to a confidentiality agreement.
Your personal data could be shared with contracted subsidiary ( and
services ( to fulfill obligations that are born from contracts between
parties. We always aim to share the least amount of personal data during info sharing.
In accordance with your preferences, 2A can share collected personal data with third parties to be used
for marketing activities that you could be interested in.
Your personal data can be used to analyze your web site and mobile app use to analyze your preferences
and interests for research and statistical analyze purposes.
In compliance with law we can use your personal data without notice or your direct consent to prevent
crime or fraud or fulfill compliance requirements.
In the cases mentioned below, we may share your personal data:
• if it is required by law;
• to initiate and follow a legal action, executing court orders and for judicial proceedings;
We may share your data with associate third party service providers to get technical support throughout
our operation (for example information management systems, storing, data analysis etc.).
We may share your personal data with third party service providers that are subject to confidentiality
Protection of Personal Data
We care about safeguarding and protecting the privacy of your personal data. In this direction we are
taking technical and organizational protective measures against unauthorized access, damage, loss and
Please do not forget unless they are encrypted, all means of communications (such as e-mail) on the
internet are unsafe. In case this web site contains links to other web sites we would like to remind you
that different privacy policies could be of concern. Before conveying any kind of personal information
please read carefully all web sites privacy policies.
If you give your consent to 2A we may offer you updates on our products and services, using direct
marketing methods (e.g. phone, e-mail, SMS, social media, mail),
We may use and process other personal data provided by you, to modify our products and services, to
adjust them according to your desires; to determine prices and offer you interesting offers according to
your demands and desires. Whenever we contact you through E-mail, massage or trough other. You can
change your marketing preferences whenever you desire by contacting us.
Rights of Data Subjects and Data Access Requests
It is essential that all information we collect from you is up to date and accurate. Therefore in case of any
changes, please notify us. In line with DPA article 11 all related people that we have processed
information of could make demands on following subjects below:
• To learn whether if one’s personal data has been processed,
• To request information on the personal data that has been processed
• Requesting to be informed on the purpose of personal data processes and inquiring if they are
used properly,
• Requesting information on the identity of all third parties of all nationalities that your data is
shared with,
• To demand correction of incorrect or missing personal data personal data and to demand
notification of this transaction to third parties,
• Demanding for deletion, removal or anonymization of personal data that is shared with third
parties notification of third parties, provided that the grounds for personal data processing no
longer exist.
• Objecting to a data analysis that is done exclusively by automated systems which has negative
consequences for data owner,
• Claiming compensation for the damages that arise from illegal procession of data.
In line to DPA article 13, data subjects may apply to data controller to exercise their rights specified in
DPA article 11.
An application must be submitted in one of the following ways;
• Via a registered electronic mail address (KEP), secure electronic signature, mobile signature or;
• Via an electronic mail address previously enounced to 2A which is previously registered to 2A
systems or;
• Via the use of a software or an application developed by 2A to process applications;
All information stated below should be added to the application for us to put it into process as a valid
application that is in accordance with the due process of law.
• Relevant person’s name, surname, if the application is in written form, also their wet signature,
• For citizens of the Republic of Turkey T.C Identitiy Number, for foreigners their nationality,
passport number or if it exists their national identitiy number,
• Place of residence or work place address that can be used for notifications ,
• e-mail address, mail address, phone number, fax number that are obligated to be declared,
• Subject matter of the request.
You may fill out the form in the following link: _______________________. You may use the contact
information that is on the form to send us your application using registered post or applying to 2A in
Data Retention Periods
2A will store personal data that is provided by user, to administer all requirements born from its services,
during service providing.
In addition, in any conflict arising between 2A website and its users, in accordance with law 2A can store
personal data to be able to defend interests of the company, limited to its purpose, until statute of
limitations runs out.
Changes in Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy may be changed. Updates our Privacy Policy will be announced on our website.
Contact Us
If you have any questions, concerns about our Privacy Policy or other data protection applications, or if
you have an access request, you could contact as from adress below:
• E-mail : [email protected]
• Contact adress : 2A İş Merkezi, Kağıthane Caddesi No : 2 Kağıthane / İstanbul / Turkey
• Phone Number : +90 (212) 321 52 52
• Fax Number : 90 (212) 321 88 21
• Central Registration System Number : 0001055059700013