Our Valued Customers


  • Our "Service Support Team" is committed to serve you;

         You can contact us via the "Contact" section of our web site at You can send your message to our             Support Team who is working for you. Your Client Representative is directly responsible for tracking, escalating               and finalizing your problems.

  • We take seriously in consideration the suggestions and complaints you provide us;

        We process your proposals and complaints quickly, and we review them and evaluate them fairly and impartially.

        - You can send your service complaints ,

        - We are committed to solve your complaints about products within 7 days.

         We develop radical solutions;

        We determine and implement the activities that will prevent the repetition of the problem by carefully determining            the causes of the problem.

  • When we develop a solution for your complaints, we inform you in every stage and we obtain your suggestions and opinions;

        We will provide you information on how to resolve your issue from the receipt of the complaint to the settlement,              and we are open to your suggestions and opinions.

  • We are constantly improving ourselves;

       We constantly improve our methods and processes for doing business by learning from your suggestions and                 complaints.


Service Support Contact Information:

Phone: 0212 321 52 52


E-mail: [email protected]


General Manager


Our Vision

To be a "worldwide brand" in the market of alternative fuel for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles by 2020 with a commitment with "Continuous Quality", "Reasonable Prices", "Mutual Trust", and "Honesty"