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2a Mühendislik

2A Muhendislik Since it was established in 1995, specializes in production, import, engineering, distribution and service, to satisfy the needs of the alternative fuel sector, and continues its pioneering and innovative role in the world with the power of experience and knowledge accumulated according to the slogan "Qualitative Time Stages".

The company has been serving a wide range of areas with the experience acquired in many years, for the establishment of turnkey complex plants where all kinds of materials and equipments are manufactured or imported since the project stage. 2A Muhendislik´s actions are based on customer satisfaction with the products and equipment that has imported or manufactured, and has a reliable and respectable reputation abroad.

2A Muhendislik has an important role and place in LPG sector, 2A has a wide range of services and products for LPG industry. 2A is one of the biggest manufacturers of LPG/CNG dispensers in TURKEY. 2A produces multistage LPG pumps for auto gas refuelling stations according to the EU directives. All dispensers are certified according to regulations ATEX, OIML, MID. 2A's client portfolio includes major proportion of distributor companies of LPG/CNG in Turkey and in the world. Along with the Company’s successful service, it withholds customer satisfaction as greatest concern. Based on this fact, we constantly develop our services to enhance customer trust reliability and cooperation.

2A Muhendislik as a company has also proven itself also by being the sole distributor of BRC(Car Conversion Kits), Pompetravaini(Industrial Pumps), Cemp (Industrial Ex-Proof Motors), Cubogas (CNG-LNG Compressors/Equipments) in TURKEY.

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Address A : 2A Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Gürsel Mahallesi Kağıthane Cad. No:2
Kağıthane İstanbul / Türkiye
Telephone T : +90 (212) 321 52 52
Mail E :
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