CNG Storage

CNG Storage
CNG Storage

CNG storage is refilled by a compressor up to 250 barg. It has two main functions:

• to store the compressed gas in order to optimize starts/stops of compressor and to speed up the first step of refilling of cars

• to damp pulsation coming from the compressor, avoiding those pulsations reach dispenser.

Technical Specifications

The main components of a CNG storage module are the following:

• Cylinders
• Inlet/Outlet Header(s)
• Interconnection tubings and fittings
• Valves and instruments
• Safety valves installed to protect the different levels of pressure

The Assembly is CE-PED Certified


Natural Gas Storage for any refilling station needs, available in a wide range of sizes

Standard storage size

• MAX water volume per rack: 18 x 80 liters = 1440 liters
• MAX rack dimensions: LxBxH = 2000 mm x 1050 mm x 2400 mm

Bigger sizes and external spheres/tubes available.