Series A cast-iron

Series A cast-iron

Series A cast-iron
  • To Norms IEC-EN 60079-0:2009, 60079-1:2007, 60079-7:2007
  • To Norms IEC 60034-1,5,6,7,8,9,12,14, IEC 60072
  • Ex-d, Ex-de
  • Frame size 63 ÷ 315
  • ATEX category 1M2, 2G
  • Group I (mine), IIB, IIC
  • Temperature class T3, T4, T5, T6
  • Protection IP55 ÷ IP66
  • Power 0.05 ÷ 240 kW
  • Three-phase 1 or 2 speed
  • Single-phase (frame size 63÷100)
  • Ventilation IC410, IC411, IC416, IC418
  • Available IE2

Series A cast Iron

  1. General informations

• Available in versions IE1, IE2, and IE3.

  • Flameproof motors compliant with the Standards IEC EN 60079-0, 60079-1, 60079-7 for atmospheres where gas is present and IEC EN 60079-31 for areas where combustible dust is present.
  • Ex d, Ex de
  • Atex category 2G
  • Group IIB, IIC
  • Temperature Class T3, T4, T5, T6
  •  Totally enclosed, fan cooled, frame IP55 with Terminal box IP65.
  • Frame size from 63 to 315
  • Power from 0,12 to 200 kW
  • Three phase 1 or 2 speed

• Single phase (frame size 63-100) Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Induction motors.

  • Ventilated & with forced ventilated

• The motors dimensions comply with IEC 60072 standard.

• Power Supply 400V/50Hz. Three-phase, 1-speed motors, 2-4-6-8 poles, T4 (for sizes between 63 and 250, multi-voltage power supply 380-400-420V/50Hz and 460V/60Hz).

• Class F insulation.

• Noise level within 86 dB (A).

• Terminal Box:

- available both in a flameproof, or increased safety version

- large size

- standard position - top, opposite feet

- rotate by 90° in 4 positions.

• Motor frame and terminal box enclosure separated to avoid the transmission of explosions.

• Winding cables connected to the terminal board by means of terminal blocks or by a flameproof sealing device.

• Internal and external mechanical components painted with epoxy polyester powders;

- stainless steel nameplate,

- anti-corrosion screws.

• Highly resistant to impact:

- cast iron made frame, terminal box and endshields.

- fan cover in sheet steel.

• Low friction dust seals.

• The conformity certificates also cover alternatives, such as:

- altitude over 1000m

- modification of the rated voltage and rated frequency

- power supply from an inverter

- motor protection through Temperature detectors

- duty S1 to S9.


  1. Main Options

Electrical variants

• Non-standard voltages and frequencies (maximum voltage 1000V).

• Motors for tropical climates.

• Motors for low temperatures (-50/-60°C)

• Temperature rise below 80K.

• Motors insulated to class H.

• Motors with bimetallic detector, thermistor PTC or thermistor PT100.

• Motors with anti-condensation heaters.

• Motors with special electrical design.

• Single-phase motors with capacitor fitted in a large-size terminal box (Ex d, max 50 μF).


Mechanical variants

• Special flanges and shafts.

• Double ended shafts.

• Cable gland fitted to terminal box.

• Terminal box with special cable entries.

• Motors without terminal box with sealing joints and conduits.

• Motors protection IP56 - IP65 - IP66.

• Motors with condensation drainage valves.

• Motors with special bearings (uni-directional, with sensors, with rollers, insulated, oversized, thrust bearings).

• Vibration level Grade A or B, according to IEC 60034-14.

• Motors with a rain cap or sun shield, water-shedding disc.

• Side terminal box frame size 160 to 355 (from a height of 132 for IE3).

• Separate terminal box for auxiliary terminals.

• Low noise emission version.

• High protection against corrosion for tropical climates or applications in marine environments:

- external mechanical components finished with epoxy paint;

- protection of the internal parts (winding and rotor) with protective paint;

- stainless steel screws.



  • Motors suitable for frequency inverter drive.

• Motors with encoder.

• Motors with forced ventilation (from frame size 90).



• Motors according to American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer LLoyd, Korean, Register of Shipping, LLoyd Register of Shipping, Nippon Kaiji Kyokaj, R.I.Na, IECEx, CUTR, CCOE.



  1. Design features
    1. Installation and application

Standard installations

The motors can be installed outdoors and in dusty, moist and chemically aggressive environments (industrial climate) at ambient temperatures from -20°C to 40°C.


Mechanical protection (IP)

The mechanical protection systems for electric motors are classified with the IP code followed by two numbers and, in some applications, by a letter.


IP (International Protection): this indicates the level of protection against accidental contacts of foreign bodies and against water.

0 - 6 (1st digit): this indicates the level of protection against accidental contacts of foreign bodies.

0 - 8 (2nd digit): this indicates the level of protection against water.


W, S e M (additional letters for special protections):

W; this means that the machine is to be used in specified weather conditions and with special protections. The W letter has to be added to the IP code (e. g. IPW55).

S and M; these are used for protection against water. The letter S stands for static protection;

protection against water only for a stationary motor. Letter M stands for protection against water when the motor is running (e. g. IP56S).

Without the additional letters the protection applies in both cases (standing still and running motor).

Our standard motors are IP55 (terminal box IP65).

On request we can supply motors without ventilation with IP56 or IP57, and self ventilated motors with IP56S.


Upper-Deck Installation

Motors meant for installation on board ships and offshore areas are designed to comply with the specifications of the relevant classification authorities


Gear mounting, Oil-protected Flange

In some applications, it is necessary that the flange and the drive shaft are completely sealed against oil. This need must be specified during the order phase.



Fixed bearings

Some applications need to have a “zero axial play”. This need must be specified during the order phase.



Motors are air-cooled by means of external surface ventilation (IC 411).

Standard motors have radial flow fan allowing fully reversible rotation. Reference standards are: IEC 60034-6.

From frame size 100 to 315 motors may be supplied with forced ventilation.


Low temperature version and anti-condensation heating

Low Temperature Version

Motors intended for use at extremely low temperatures are specially designed.

Flameproof certificates are valid for temperatures as low as -50°C.

Motors equipped with heating coils keep the minimum temperature of a stopped motor at -20°C . As an alternative to heaters, the motors can be powered with low voltage via terminals U1 and V1.

Also, it is possible to use a special construction with suitable materials in low temperature areas (-50°C) as an alternative to heating the motor.

A version is also available for Temperature -60°C with other certifications.


Anti-condensation heating

Condensate may form inside the motor due to temperature fluctuations.

To prevent this from happening, motors must be heated using strip type heaters on the end windings or low voltage power can be supplied to the winding via terminals U1 and V1.

 It is vital that during the motor operation the heaters are turned off.

The supply voltage for the heaters is 230V + - 10% (115V + -  10% on request)



  1. Shaft ends, balancing, vibrations, noise levels, coupling and belt drives


Shaft ends

The shaft ends are cylindrical and comply with IEC 60072 in their design and in their correspondence to frame sizes and outputs. The shaft ends of all motors are equipped with a tapped hole to assist in the fitting of pulleys and couplings.

The keys are always supplied along with the motors.

On request, special shaft ends or a second free shaft end can be provided.

Pole-changing motors with a 2-pole speed have the same shaft ends as single-speed 2-pole motors.


Balancing, and vibration

The motors are dynamically balanced with half keys in accordance with vibration grade “A” (N) normal balance IEC 60034-14 (and ISO 8821).

The low-vibration version “B” (R) (reduced) can be supplied where high demands are made on quiet running.

Care must be taken to ensure that transmission parts (pulleys, couplings) supplied by others are dynamically balanced with half key.


Noise level

Noise measurements are performed to IEC 60034-9. In the performance data, the sound pressure levels “Lp” are given in dB (A) for the individual frame sizes.

They apply for no load at 50 Hz.

The tolerance is + 3 dB (A).

At 60 Hz the values of sound pressure increase approximately by 4 dB (A).


Coupling drive

When aligning a motor to be coupled directly to the machine, care must be taken that the rollers and balls of the bearings do not jam.

Elastic couplings are permissible with all motors.

To ensure vibration-free running and to avoid any inadmissible stress on the bearings, the machine to be coupled must still be exactly aligned in the case of elastic coupling.

Maximum accuracy must be applied to the coupling of 2-pole motors.


Belt drive

Slide rails are used for motors for easy tensioning and readjustment at the belts. Permissible forces have to be taken into consideration.

Pulleys and couplings must only be fitted and removed by means of specific tools.

















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