LPG Mastermeter

LPG Mastermeter

LPG Mastermeter


General information about 2A LPG Mastermeter


It is recommended to check the measurement accuracy of LPG dispensers twice a year within the standard service period. 2A LPG mastermeter devices are used to measure these accuracies. There are 2 types of master meters according to meter types. The first is a 2A prima meter, the second is a master meter with massflow meter working with coriolis working principle. While the Prima meter has a measurement accuracy of 0.6% within the legal framework, the actual amount of the 2A prima meter is between 0.3% and 0.4%. Declared measurement accuracy of massflow meter based on Coriolis working principle is max 0.2%. According to the frequency of use of LPG mastermeters, it should be calibrated once a year from an accredited organization.


How to calibrate LPG dispenser in LPG station with 2A Mastermeter?


Necessary safety precautions are taken for the calibration process to be carried out at the LPG station. The area around the dispenser that will stick to the calibration is isolated by a security ring to prevent unauthorized and unauthorized people from approaching. Nobody is allowed to approach this area except the staff on duty. The 2A mastermeter fixed next to the 2A LPG dispenser to be calibrated is approached. LPG dispenser lower cover opens. The LPG dispenser gun is connected to the LPG mastermeter input line. The inlet line valve is opened, if any. The nozzle at the hose end of the LPG mastermeter outlet line is connected to the return line filling end point on the LPG dispenser. In order to prevent the temperature factor from affecting the test result, the LPG cycle of 100-150 liters should be provided. It is ensured that the temperature dependent volume correction system (ATC-Automatic Temperature Compensation) is in the same position (on or off) on both devices. The amount of liter to be passed through the 2A LPG Mastermeter is adjusted. In general practice, calculation is made with a total flow of 50 liters at maximum flow and 20 liters in total at minimum flow. Dispenser is run first, then mastermeter. In order to print thecalibration result, the mastermeter is turned off. Write the result on the dispenser to the master meter and press ENTER then SELECT key. If the test result is not within the legal limits, adjustment is made from the calibration setting section on the 2A prima meter


In order to make 2A Prima meter adjustment, the seal on the meter calibration adjustment section is removed and the prima meter adjustment cover is opened with the help of 10 keys. The first point is marked on the drum with a pencil. The pin on the drum is removed for new adjustment. According to the error rate, the appropriate value is adjusted by rotating the drum and the pin is inserted. As general operation, it varies by + - 0.08% between two set points on the drum. 2A Prima meter has a maximum + - 1.5% change capacity. The device is calibrated by rotating the drum on the piano meter to the right or left