2A LPG Skid Kit

2A LPG Skid Kit

2A LPG Skid Kit
2A LPG Skid Kit
2A LPG Skid Kit
2A LPG Skid Kit


The features of this system are as follows;




·         Tank production capacity can be in the range of 3-100 m3 depending on consumer preference.

·         Ready for immediate use.

·         The system can be moved wherever desired as long as legally required permissions are obtained in the destination country

·         Includes all equipments for system operation.

·         It can be produced in demanded tank capacity and dimensions. Only special sized 10 m3 tank system has the possibility to fit 2 units in 1 container. It provides the buyer to reduce the unit shipping cost.

·         The system is produced by experienced engineers and employees

·         The tanks are CE certified. It is produced in accordance with European standards (EN 13445 & EN 12493 & EN 12542). The dispenser have ATEX and MID certificates. Also centrifugal pump and exproof motor have ATEX certificates too. Optionally, the electrical system can be produce in ex-proof features

·         The operating temperature range of the system is -20C / + 50C.

·         In our tanks, sheet thickness, pressure, tightness and welding tests are carried out by the third independent organization

The system can be produce for vehicle or cyclinder filling. The dispenser can be with 1 or 2 nozzles.

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