Added Date : 25 11 2020

When choosing a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) system, experience matters a lot. You need a proven technology with reliable performances. And something that can’t be developed overnight!


First installation for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) purpose designed in 1929. Delivery pressure 250 bar/3,600 psi reached in 1939 and more than 2500 Cubogas compressors working worldwide are the principal milestones of our products.


We've been building CNG compressors for over 75 years.

Based on our experience and our technological solutions, we engineered CUBOGAS products to satisfy customer’s particular needs, whatever they might be







  • Innovative reciprocating compressor designed on API 618 standards.
  • Conservative rotational speed for heavy duty applications and long equipment durability
  • Engineered to function 24 hours/day and 7 days/week;
  • Reliable and flexible equipment for each application no matter the conditions
  • Non-lubricated cylinders for reduced operation costs and limited contamination risks
  • No-pressurized crankcase for safety operations
  • Counter-rotating shaft for optimal compressor balance
  • Liquid cooled cylinders for high reliability & efficiency
  • Gas/Air cooled or gas/water cooled

CUBOGAS compressor is utilizing industry-leading technology in order to offer, not only equipment with high efficiency, but even reduced maintenance costs guarantying high financial benefits to station.


Based and designed according to API 618 standards (most stringent requirements for Oil & Gas machinery), CUBOGAS thanks to a low conservative rotational High design flexibility: 1,2, 3 or 4 stages compressor for matching whatever possible suction pressure value speed can ensure safer, smoother and more reliable operations.


Moreover the presence of Crossheads and liquid cooled cylinders provide further durability improvement – in fact, CUBOGAS units are designed for operating 24h/24h and 7days/week even in extreme conditions. The “non-lubricated” cylinders are preventing gas contamination by lubricant oil.


CUBOGAS is provided with a unique vertical-design solution, that provide reduced overall dimensions, protects vital components from not regular consumption due to horizontal or V-shape position and enable a simple and convenient servicing.


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