CNG Compressor

CNG Compressor
Added Date : 25 11 2020

In Turkey, due to the high price of diesel and gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) are preferred as an alternative fuel. In this article, it is made of design and manufacturing for high pressure gas compressor to meet the needs of CNG in filling stations. CNG compressor compresses to natural gas taken with a 0,02- 20 bar pressure (up to stasion's location) from the inner-city lines into 200-250 bar pressure. The flow of manufacturing compressor is 180 lt/h. Process of compression of high pressure natural gas is carried out in four stages. The requirement of cooling the compressor is provided by through the fan with air because of the content of methane gas. In our country, after in the station for refilling of vehicles using CNG carried out the manufacturing of required compressors, then the pressure, flow and other tests are given at the end of study.


The demand for Compressed Natural Gas, also known as CNG, has been increasing steadily over the last several years compared to other fuels, such as petrol and diesel. The reason for this increase is the increasing cost of traditional fossil fuels and CNG’s lower impact on the environment, capable of dramatically reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.


In order to  transport, store and distribute natural gas, our compressors are crucial to:

  • Compress gas at high pressure.
  • Distribute by systems offering the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • Marke gas by high levels of purity.


The main configurations:


The mother station is connected to the mains gas line and enables the refuelling of vehicles and natural gas trailers.



Solution used when there is no mains gas line. The gas is transported to the refuelling station in natural gas trailers. When the pressure in the trailer drops, the correct gas pressure is restored by the compressor so it can be fed to the distributors.



The station is connected to the mains gas line and is used for refuelling vehicles. The layout of the station depends on the pressure of the gas supply: lower pipeline pressures demand higher compressor power.


The design of every compressor is always different as it is based on our ongoing research and the latest developments in technology in this field. Results such as low oil consumption, achieved by using oil-free cylinders, the total reliability of the compressors, and their high efficiency are important achievements for Green Energy Excellence.



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