What Is LPG?

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), a derivative of petroleum, is a type of fuel that is becoming widespread in our country and in the world. As LPG is stored and transported in liquid form, it is a great advantage in terms of usage and spread of calorific value and combustion efficiency compared to other fuels.

In the case of gasoline combustion, carbon crystals and other foreign particles wear off the cylinder surface and mix with engine oil to shorten the life of the engine oil. However, since LPG does not have carbon crystals in its combustion, the life of the motor oil increases. It works at very low exhaust gas emission values ​​compared to gasoline vehicles. Therefore it is more environmentalist.

The use of the LPG kit as the final product of the technology, the use of the kit according to the international ECE R 67 and TSE standards, is an environmentally friendly, economical and useful fuel if the technicians are well trained.