Pompetravaini S.p.A. was founded in 1929 by the late Carlo Travaini, an experienced machinist with solid production experience acquired while working at the company Franco Tosi of Legnano, Italy. 

He started his own business under the name of Travaini Mechanical Machining, producing many different types of pumps under private labels with designs and materials supplied by customers. Located in the historic center of Castano Primo (MI), the machine shop proudly boasted advanced technological and organizational aptitude even in its early days. 

In the following years, the ever-growing experience and continued technological updating of the manufacturing plant increased the growth potential forcing a major expansion of the business. In the ‘40 the plant moved and doubled in size with adjoining offices. 

In 1968, Mario Travaini, President and son of the founder Carlo, decided to rename the company Pompetravaini S.p.A. With technologically advanced production and a sales network adequate for the times, the company began selling products in the European market under its own label. 

Once more the company outgrew its facilities and in 1982 a new site of approximately 8000 Sq. Meters was built in the industrial area of Castano Primo, Milan (Italy). The old location was remodeled and utilized for specific projects including the production of specialized pumping systems. 

Parallel to the internal growth there has been a marketing expansion into international markets. This phase, that was initiated by Mario Travaini in the early years of 1980, made famous the Pompetravaini pumps technology worldwide. 
In 1985 Premier Fluid Systems Canada starts operation followed in 1986 from Travaini Pumps USA. In 1989 Travaini Pompen BeNeLux is founded in the Nederlands and two years after, in 1991, starts Travaini Pumpen GmbH in Germany. In 1999 Pompes Travaini France is founded in France. 

In 2002 there was another addition to the existing plant. A building of approximately 4000 Sq. Meters was added to house a new computerized stock room and assembly room. This futuristic project utilizes LGV (laser guided vehicles) to store components, bring them to the assembly area and then bring the assembled pumps to the test room, all without the touch of human hands. Men no longer travel to the components but vice versa. This new technologically advanced process has the objective to reduce manufacturing times, shortening delivery times, while reducing error margins to virtually zero. 

In 2007 Travaini Pompy Polska is founded and the following year, after 54 years of total dedication and intense activity as President, Mario Travaini leaves the chair of the Group to his son Carlo Arturo Travaini (Carlo Jr.) who was for 20 years BOD member, Technical and R&D director. Carlo Travaini has been the responsible of the last steps that made Pompetravaini in the state of art of automation. 

In 2012 Pompetravaini acquires 80% of the Swiss company NSB gas processing AG, based in Basel, now Pompetravaini-NSB AG. This is a famous company that designs and produce pump, compressors and engineered skids for the Oil &Gas, Nuclear, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. 

In order to support Pompetravaini-NSB, in 2013 it is founded FuturEng. It is an engineering office specialized in design and construction of skids with rotating equipment’s, capable of managing projects up to the final erection and start up. 

In 2014 BORA Blowers, a well-known company specialized in design and production of lobe Blowers and Boosters, is absorbed in the Pompetravaini Group. 
In 2016 a marketing joint-venture is created with another Italian company, FPZ S.p.A. of Concorrezzo (MB). Flow-Teams is the brand name given to the sales offices opened in Brazil
With all the new acquisitions, the international subsidiaries and the very capillary Distributors and Agents network, Pompetravaini is now an international Group that exports in over 80 countries offering a solid experience as old as its nearly 90 years of history.